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Prusik Cords 6mm
RescueTECH Prusik Cords 6mm
Price: From $29.50 to $160.00
RescueTECH Prusik Cords 6mm
Prusik cords with the same high quality and long wear design as our Rescue Ropes. 6mm Prusik works well with 7/16" and 1/2" ropes
Prusik Cords 7mm
RescueTECH Prusik Cords 7mm
Price: From $35.00 to $120.00
RescueTECH Prusik Cords 7mm
7mm Prusik is great for use as a lightweight cord to tie prusik Knots. Ideal for 1/2" and 5/8" Main ropes.
Prusik Cords 8mm
RescueTECH Prusik Cords 8mm
Price: From $37.00 to $160.00
RescueTECH Prusik Cords 8mm
8mm Prusik cord is the mainstay of rope rescue prusik loops. High strength and flexibility make this the size of choice for use on 1/2" main ropes.
5MM Tech Cord
5mm Tech Cord
Price: From $1.25 to $900.00
5mm Tech Cord
The 5mm TECH cord's small diameter and 5,000 lbf. strength are a result of using a unidirectional core of 100% Technora fibers and a tightly woven polyester sheath. Tech Cord is extremely strong and lightweight.
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